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Rivers and Coastal

Sub Aqua Diving (UK) Ltd can offer our services to any client on all rivers throughout the UK. In recent years we have completed projects on the rivers Tees, Tyne, Wear, Humber and Clyde.

We can supply Rigid Inflatable Boats (R.I.B) with fully integrated surface supplied dive systems on-board, for the harder to access projects. We also have available vans with fully integrated surface supplied dive systems, including trailer mounted compressors and umbilicals for shore side work 

Each river project asigned to SADS will be thoroughly assessed and the best system for the job will be allocated for that project

"Sub Aqua Diving Services have provided dive services to the Conservancy Engineering Department of PD Teesport for over 25 years, these have involved a range of varied and innovative duties, the service has always been prompt, effective and flexible."  Conservancy Operations Manager



 Work carried out associated with Rivers and Coastal are related to, 

  • Jetty/Quay Inspections
  • Fender Work
  • Fire Pump Water Intakes
  • Intakes/Outfalls
  • Shipping Agencies
  • Dock and Lock Gates
  • Firewater Ponds
  • Search and Recovery
  • River/Sea-bed Surveys
  • Mattresing/Gabion Intallations
  • Concreting/Grouting
  • Bridge/Pier Surveys
  • Underwater Thermal Cutting using Broco
  • Anode Installation
  • Culvert Works
  • Diamond Core Drilling 
  • Water Tanks 
  • Reservoir Work
  • Timber Removal
  • Safety Boat