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Outfalls and Intakes

Sub Aqua Diving Services (UK) Ltd carry out regular inspections on a number of outfalls and intakes as part of our clients I/R/M programmes. These operations can vary from a basic one day video/photo inspection, to major cleaning and replacement parts or even overhaul the full structure

A list of tasks performed in association with Outfalls and Intakes can include,

  • I/R/M
  • Intake Filter Screen Replacement
  • Marine Growth Removal
  • Penstock I/R/M
  • Blanking off Diffusers
  • Shuttering/Concrete Works
  • Extension Tie-ins
  • Anode Installation and Replacement
  • Airlifting
  • Coarse Screen I/R/M
  • Obstruction Removal
  • Boom Installation