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Sub Aqua Diving Services (UK) Ltd can assist any shipping agencies/vessel owners in any project/emergency work that may arise. We are on call 24 hours a day as a fouled prop or suspected hull damage can occur at any time. In some cases a video survey of screws, legs or the hull of a vessel are peace of mind for the vessel owners and captain!

Below is a list of tasks performed by SADS related to Shipping

  • Hull Coating Inspections.
  • Damage Assessments.
  • CCTV - Colour Digital Video, Topside Monitor and Diver-to-Surface Communication.
  • Pintle and Rudder Stock Fastners/Keepers Inspected Without Removing and Replacing Access Plates.
  • Digital Video Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking.
  • Underwater Structural Inspections and Surveys.
  • Underwater Surveys for Class Extension.
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys.
  • Rudder and Tail Inspections and Clearances.
  • Potable Water Tank Inspection.
  • Dredger Hopper Door I/R/M
  • Bow Thruster Clearance
  • Anode I/R/M
  • Transducer Replacement
  • Sea Chest Inspection
  • Water Intake Plugging
  • River Bed Survey Prior to Vessel Docking