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Water Rescue Teams

In some cases not all locations are easily accessible to allow safe deployment of a boat, or perhaps the water is a little too shallow.

Whatever the case we can provide water side rescue teams who will be ready to assist with immediate response in the event of someone falling into the water.

For many years we have supported highway and railway companies during their routine maintenance inspection programs, in most cases these works are carried out during hours of darkness when traffic conditions are minimal.

Wherever there is a requirement to work over water then we are ready to assist, our water rescue teams come well equipped with high specification rescue equipment, consisting of high visibility flotation suits with rescue lanyards, specialist helmets with waterproof head torches that light up line of sight to ensure visual contact is maintained during over water works.

In addition to the personnel protective rescue equipment we also provide excellent inflatable rescue rafts that have an open back rescue point to allow good swift recovery in the event of emergency rescue. The rafts can be inflated at the water side which eliminates the requirement for road access with a trailer.

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