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Mobile Support Units

Being versatile is very important in our industry due to the challenging environments and locations we face on most of our projects, where access restrictions can dictate a suitable system to allow safe execution of works.

A mobile / portable/ surface supplied system, can, in certain circumstances, be used in place of a complete conventional surface supplied diving system where access for a full system is restricted or not possible.

Mobile / portable systems vary considerably in their capabilities; however, Sub Aqua Diving Services have a variety of systems that offer a solution to any of the challenging factors we face.

Our Mobile Support Units are always ready to go, with fully compliant surface supplied dive equipment designated to each vehicle, the Mobile Support Units consist of large van with bespoke dive control systems integrated in the rear of the vehicle which gives the diving supervisor plenty of room to oversee all requirements of the diving operation, each vehicle has a trailer which carries 2 x 100m umbilicals, diving compressor and receiver.

Rigid Inflatable Boats

Our 7 metre Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is always ready to launch and is located at our base less than 1 mile away from closest launch site, the RIB is equipped with a fully compliant surface supplied scuba replacement system which comprises of a number of cylinders of breathing air mounted in a frame with a 2 x diver control panel, communications and umbilicals, this has the advantage of being very versatile as the location of some works is very restricted, thus offering greater flexibility during the diving project, but is limited in the supply of breathing air available so is more suited to projects where the scope is minimal.

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